Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS)

You’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about network management

Excessive costs, unnecessary overheads, vendor management, installation, upgrades, refreshes...sigh. You’ve got enough to deal with. Which is why we created Tiviti to give you reliable and secure connectivity, without all the hassle of managing networks.

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Exposers - The truth about your broadband provider

The ‘Exposers’ is a new comedy series in which we expose the big bag of lies spread by the broadband industry. Hold on to your briefs as we tell you exactly why you get crap connectivity, terrible customer service and ridiculously unfair contracts.

What you get with Tiviti


You can’t have hybrid working without awesome connectivity.

Video meetings are freezing, conference calls are dropping out, downloads are taking 3 weeks, and the CRM’s running slower than a drunk snail. It’s enough to drive any employee mad. Give remote workers solutions beyond home broadband with direct access to corporate networks through dedicated circuits, secure VPNs and 4G & 5G MiFI (APN) solutions.


We monitor your network 24/7. We’re nice like that.

You don’t need to worry about your network. We’ve got your back. It’ll be proactively monitored by security experts around the clock in our dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC) using the latest network security best practices and security tools. Lovely stuff.

Tiviti IQ

Want fancy full visibility & control of your network? Stupid question. Of course you do!

Tiviti IQ is an easy-to-use portal where you can view your network performance and inventory, check service details & status, raise support requests and manage changes with automated workflows. No need to say it. We know you’re impressed.


Businesses have to be connectivity should be too.

Nobody likes stupid 3-5 year contracts. Tiviti provides a flexible, minimum term CaaS contract with a monthly bill based on the amount of people using it, enabling you to scale up or down, only paying for the connectivity you need. Yeah, we know. Genius.


Raise your hand if you’re sick of spending a fortune on new kit and network refreshes.

Well, we can’t see you because we don’t spy on customers through their webcams (or do we?) but we’re guessing a lot of you raised your hands. Which is why Tiviti OPEX removes the hassle and upfront expense of network refreshes and upgrades. All of this is done for you through the life of the contract. The purchase of new kit is added to your monthly subscription (OPEX), reducing the need for capital investment. Good that, innit?

As part of the Tiviti subscription, we can purchase your existing LAN infrastructure for its balance sheet value. We’re not saying we’re awesome but...OK, fine, we’re awesome.


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Bored of corporate life and tired of selling out-dated products?

Luckily, we’ve built the best connectivity product on the market, which, with our training, is a doddle to get out of the door. Click below if you're interested in finding out more.

Your connectivity powered by our core network

Users across the UK rely on our core network
Public & private sector companies rely on our core network
Channel partners and systems integrators rely on our core network

As well as the overall cost saving, being able to treat our connectivity as a utility, and fund this service through OPEX without any upfront payment, was a really compelling proposition.

Kevin NugentHead of IT, Adesa
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