About Tiviti

Are we changing the game? Pfft. We’ve already changed it.

The world of telecoms and network infrastructure has been asking for a shake up for a while. And shake it up we have. No more fluff, no more nonsense, just fast and reliable connectivity that’s fair and flexible.

Yeah but why Tiviti though?

We hate the old network management approach. It’s complex, time-consuming, and has loads of direct and indirect costs, just to provide connectivity, something every business relies on. We’d had enough, so we looked at the rubbish that was already out there, stripped all the unnecessary stuff out, thought about what’d make things miles easier for our customers, and voila, Tiviti was born.


Your connectivity powered by our core network

Users across the UK rely on our core network
Public & private sector companies rely on our core network
Channel partners and systems integrators rely on our core network

As well as the overall cost saving, being able to treat our connectivity as a utility, and fund this service through OPEX without any upfront payment, was a really compelling proposition.

Kevin NugentHead of IT, Adesa

Find out how much you can save with Tiviti

Tiviti can dramatically reduce the cost of network ownership. Just add your number of users, buildings and floors into our CaaS Calculator to see a typical monthly bill.

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