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Tiviti lets you buy and consume business connectivity just like a utility. That means fast, reliable and secure connectivity, without all the hassle of network management.

On your demo of Tiviti, you’ll get:

  • A full Tiviti product overview
  • Demonstration and explanation of the pricing model
  • A demo of the CaaS calculator
  • An insight into the differences between standard sights/basic users and critical sites/premium users
  • Information that other providers will take months to give. We'll provide it in 5 minutes.

As well as the overall cost saving, being able to treat our connectivity as a utility, and fund this service through OPEX without any upfront payment, was a really compelling proposition.

Kevin NugentHead of IT, Adesa

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I grow or shrink my office space?

Our product offers customers to easily grow and shrink their estate, it’s common for customers to change the layout of their office space.  We are able to give you a quick and simple indication on how your cost could flex up and down using our simple Tiviti calculator.

How secure is tiviti?

Tiviti deploys next generation firewall technologies for our customers environments. With the accreditations Convergence Group hold for HSCN, PSN, Cyber Secure Essentials and ISO9001 we take great care protecting our network.

If I have a network issue, how is this resolved?

Our Tiviti IQ portal will be the single point of reference for your network health, the portal can easily identify network faults and the impact they could have on neighbouring devices. With our leading monitoring software, our engineers are notified of any network fault as and when it happens, so we can proactively work on fixing the issue often before you even notice.  If required, we’ll visit your site and fix your issue within a 4-hour window.

We don’t want to lose control of our network management, what can you support us with?

The Tiviti portal can offer you the ability to make direct changes to your network, logging and governance are an important part of change control.  Therefore, we can offer various controls over who is allowed to make network changes and if a sign off process is required too.

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