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Focus on your work, not your network

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When it comes to network management, most companies still manage their Local and Wide Area Networks in isolation. This process consumes internal IT resources, and requires you to manage multiple vendors and service providers.

This traditional approach is complex, creates excessive direct and indirect costs, as well as unnecessary overheads, all to simply provide connectivity to business users.

Now there’s a different way. One that breaks this siloed approach to network management, instead just delivering the outcome - reliable connectivity - without all the hassle.

Introducing Tiviti:
The first true provider of
Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS)

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A revolution in business connectivity

Tiviti is the UK’s first business connectivity solution delivered as a complete utility. Tiviti is based on the Connectivity-as-a-Service model - a total LAN & WAN solution all managed by a single supplier, and all delivered through a flexible per-user, per-month subscription.

We manage every aspect of your network from installation, upgrades, refreshes, ongoing management and security. That means no more complexity, no more vendor management and no more big capital outlays for hardware and equipment.


Proactive, expert network monitoring 24/7

Our team of experts are well-versed in migrating every type of network infrastructure through a seamless transition to Tiviti. The process consists of three key elements:

Discovery & due diligence

The discovery phase is primarily a learning phase for us and you, including introducing you to your Project Manager - who will validate the orders we have put in place, plan the project and line up resources with our Third Parties.

Our due diligence phase allows us to organise all of this information and set up a smooth onboarding/transition. One of the ways we’ll do this is with thorough audits of your estate. Our network partners will provide us with a logical and physical audit, which will allow us to plan the transition of your network in the most effective way for you.


Next we execute the plan. A successful due diligence phase allows us to set the project up for success, plan out the deliverables and migrate your service in a way that fits your business. Although the products may vary, our Project Management team will ensure that any connectivity delivered through Tiviti is done so as per the agreed plan.

Your Project Manager will ensure that you have the access you require, all reporting is set-up, you know how to contact us if you need to and your data is stored correctly. Although all our staff will always be happy and willing to help, the transition phase is all about moving you into a ‘BAU' service model.

Ongoing service

Your reliable, secure service is guaranteed through robust SLAs and you can process changes and requests through our self-service, customer portal - Tiviti IQ. We’ll also deliver upgrades and network refreshes regularly to keep your infrastructure up to date.


The whole package, from device to cloud

Tiviti encompasses all in-building wired and wireless connections, out-of-building wide area connectivity, internet and PSTN access, and access to private and public clouds. The package is based on two ‘Primary Services’:

Building Access

This is how we distinguish the fixed monthly costs that deliver the connectivity to the premises. We understand that different sites have different levels of requirements ranging from standard offices with singular internet connections to critical sites that can't afford to be offline.

User Access

The User Access is the second part to the puzzle - working in conjunction with the Building Access, the users help identify the density and internal network coverage of the buildings. This will flex up and down dependant on the connectivity needs of the business, for example ensuring there are enough AP's and bandwidth for every user.


Frequently asked questions

What happens to my old out-of-date equipment?

As part of Tiviti, we will keep your estate ‘evergreen’.  As such if you have any out-of-date equipment this will be replaced at point of delivery, we’ll also ensure you have a clear transition plan for any devices due to go end of life within your contract period.

What happens if I grow or shrink my office space?

Our product offers customers to easily grow and shrink their estate, it’s common for customers to change the layout of their office space.  We are able to give you a quick and simple indication on how your cost could flex up and down using our simple Tiviti calculator.

What if people move to a working from home policy?

We are able to flex your contract down if you need to reduce your on-site users.  We will show you the cost of each remote and on-site user, if your volumes fluctuate you can simply reduce your on-site user numbers and increase your remote user numbers.

How secure is tiviti?

Tiviti deploys next generation firewall technologies for our customers environments. With the accreditations Convergence Group hold for HSCN, PSN, Cyber Secure Essentials and ISO9001 we take great care protecting our network.

If I have a network issue, how is this resolved?

Our Tiviti IQ portal will be the single point of reference for your network health, the portal can easily identify network faults and the impact they could have on neighbouring devices.  Using our leading monitoring software, Convergence Group are notified of any network fault as and when they happen giving their engineers the ability to start proactively working on faults often before they are noticed by the customer.  If needed, we’ll get to site and fix your issue within a 4 hour window.

We don’t want to lose control of our network management, what can you support us with?

The Tiviti portal can offer you the ability to make direct changes to your network, logging and governance are an important part of change control.  Therefore, we can offer various controls over who is allowed to make network changes and if a sign off process is required too.


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Future-proof your network infrastructure

The CaaS subscription model eliminates the need for a customer to buy, own, manage and depreciate any hardware. It also reduces the burden on its own internal IT team to manage it, meaning as your business changes, your network changes in line with it.

Scale your network in line with demand

The huge amount of turmoil caused by the pandemic, along with the subsequent short and medium-term uncertainty, has deterred most organisations from making expensive, fixed-cost contractual commitments.

Under the CaaS model, subscription costs are fixed per user, per month, meaning your network scales as your business does.

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Simple predictable model

Most networks comprise bundled-together products and services with hundreds of credible vendors and suppliers that offer hardware, firmware, software, services and connectivity options. Tiviti removes this complexity, along with the significant and on-going cost of looking after it once it’s all been purchased, installed and integrated.

Find out how much you can save with Tiviti

Tiviti can dramatically reduce the cost of network ownership. Just add your number of users, buildings and floors into our CaaS Calculator to see a typical monthly bill.

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