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The business use cases of 5G

This guide sets out what 5G can do for your business, and how best to approach integrating it into your day-to-day operations.

Evaluating SD-WAN for UK businesses

This guide explores the hype surrounding SD-WAN, and the key considerations UK businesses need to keep in mind.


An introduction to Connectivity-as-a-Service

In this guide we explore Connectivity-as-a-Service, a radically different approach to networking, focused on fast, reliable and secure connectivity.

Hybrid working: developing a policy that works

How can employers provide clear guidelines and structures for effective hybrid working policies?

Network management: the true cost of ownership

This guide highlights the importance of accurate TCO assessments, and provides an insight into the hidden costs businesses often overlook.

Simplifying the management of remote network security

In this guide, we explore how organisations can ensure their networks are secure for remote working employees.




Moving towards Connectivity-asa-Service can be a transformative move for your business - and we ensure your day-to-day operations don't come to a halt.

Secure 4G Connect

Our Secure 4G Connect service takes the technology of a smartphone and maximises its potential for your business

The Tiviti overview

This datasheet outlines the services offered by Tiviti, and how it enables connectivity to work for users just like another utility.

Find out how much you can save with Tiviti

Tiviti can dramatically reduce the cost of network ownership. Just add your number of users, buildings and floors into our CaaS Calculator to see a typical monthly bill.

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