The Pilot

The Wi-Fi Whistleblower

The lie is done. The game is up. The truths about the broadband industry are about to be exposed! Welcome to ‘Exposers’ - a new comedy series that lifts the lid on all the lies about internet connection speeds, contracts, pricing, customer service and the tech you just don’t need. This is serious stuff that you need to know. Yet, we didn’t want to make it a serious video. So the pilot episode is an experiment - exposing the truth, but in a comedic way. As it’s turned out, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So if you’re easily offended you may want to give it a swerve.


The Rise of Hybrid Working

How the &%$£ can anyone do their job at home if their wifi is slower than a snail with arthritis? Don’t shoot the messenger. We’re just here to give you the cold, hard facts. What you do with them is up to you. In this episode of 'Exposers', we contemplate exactly how working from home causes mass disruption to businesses and employees everywhere - and expose how the broadband industry doesn't have anyone's back.

About the exposers

Why we created the Exposers

The ‘Exposers’ was created for one beautiful reason: to expose the lies and misconceptions plaguing the Wi-Fi and broadband industry. The series makes these hidden truths accessible to everyone without the boring mumbo jumbo. So hold on to your briefs, the ‘Exposers’ is about to uncover exactly how you are being lied to, all while giving you a bellyful of laughs. And be warned, we don't hold back!


Tired of crappy connectivity, rigid contracts and dodgy customer service?

Exposers is (hopefully) a vehicle to help spark a movement against an industry that is badly in need of a shake-up. So, there’s not a whiff of any self-serving BS. Instead, it's about kicking-off, protesting loudly & making things change. Still, after watching Exposers, you might be left thinking, ‘Wait, you’re a connectivity provider, so why are you any different?’. If you’re asking that question, have a butchers at some of the links below.

Help us spread the word

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